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Q:  The screen on the PDRC is not working?


A:  From the notebook push the FN button,  while holding that button and press the F3 button this should send the image through both the note book and the external display.  See special option below.1


Q:  The USB on the 4-Port HUB is not working?


A:  Check to make sure that the blue light is on, on the cable.  The light is located on the cable.  If not the cable has become unplugged and needs to be plugged back in.


Q:  There is no sound from the PDRC?


A:  The speaker may have come unplugged or plugged into the wrong jack on the docking station.


Q:  The notebook wont connect to SWCD what's wrong with it?


A:  One of two things.  If you get a message that says "MODEM NO RESPONSE"  This is not a computer error but a modem error.  Possibly the modem or the antenna are not functioning correctly.  To fix this just check the power to the modem and make sure you have a tight antenna connection.  Verify that the RED power light is on.  It is located on the VRM (modem) and the first AMBER light is on solid (flashing means that it cant see base station).  The GREEN light (third from the left hand side of the VRM) is on this means that the serial communication between the laptop and modem has successfully initialized

      Or if it says "Modem Disconnect" it means that a cable may have come loose.  This is the serial cable connection from the ADVANCED HUB to the VRM  Call TSL for directions on correcting this.


Q:  My LocLite program is not opening?


A:  All this means is that the user does not have rights to this program.  Contact your administrator to have the rights fixed.


Q:  A screensaver locks me out asking for a password?


A:  Right click on the desktop and select "Properties".  Select the screensaver tab on the top.  The screensaver should be set to "blank" with a wait period of 5 minutes.  Uncheck the box that says "On Resume, password protect".




1    If laptop is used outside of the dock, connect a stand alone monitor to the laptop and perform the same FN-F3 command to show the display on both screens.  Shut down the laptop while still connected to the monitor.  This will save the settings so the dual display will work properly when placing back on the dock.  Do Not start the laptop until completely attached to dock.