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Thought you got away with cutting off that "blankety-blank" driver back there? - Don't bet on it!! A new weapon has been introduced in the war against aggressive and unsafe drivers on Toronto roads. This past December, Traffic Services began operating its first Stealth Patrol Car. 

This police performance package equipped 2001 Chevrolet Impala is painted a special dark blue with charcoal grey reflective TPS stripping and identification markings along its side. As can be seen in the accompanying photo, the stripping is almost invisible under normal lighting, but is easily seen when directly illuminated. The vehicle has a "clean" roof without the normal emergency lighting package. Instead, it is equipped with strobe lights on the dash, in the rear window, and at the side roof pillars. In addition, it has grill mounted red lights, and a push bar. It is not readily identifiable as a police vehicle by drivers overtaking it, or seeing it in their rear-view mirrors, thus the Stealth designation. This special vehicle is also equipped with police radios, a Mobile Display Terminal, as well as front and rear mobile radar. With this radar, the officer can measure the speed of vehicles moving in either direction as he or she drives along. 

Ten Traffic Services officers have been designated to operate this special car. Their mandate is to provide enforcement against drivers who weave in and out of traffic, fail to signal lane changes, make unsafe lane changes, follow too closely and generally drive in a careless or dangerous manner. As PC Derek Page of Traffic Services put it, "With this car, I'm able to catch the guys driving like idiots, that I wouldn't normally see until I'm on my way home in my own car. People don't usually drive that badly in front of a marked police car, but with this one they don't know I'm there. We don't issue warnings to these guys, we charge them." When asked about the effectiveness of the stealth features, PC Page responded, "I had one guy cut me off while I was driving it, and then make an obscene gesture in my direction as he did so. Boy was he surprised when I turned on the strobes and pulled him over!" 

The officers operating the stealth patrol car have found that the work is very satisfying. They finally have a tool that helps in getting the really bad drivers off the road. In the first two months of operation they have logged over 15,000 km, primarily on city expressways. The car is on the road round-the-clock. Bad drivers beware!

Thanks in part by www.gearheadracing.com/COPS/cops.htm for providing this picture and story